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Welcome to our Updated Meter-ProSM Online Demo.

This interactive demo is designed to give you a small taste of what our industry leading meter reading training program is all about. An effective and widely used tool in its WindowsTM and DOS versions, Meter-ProSM is also now available on the Internet. Here's how the demo works:
  • You will be presented 2 sets of 5-dial meter reads with serial numbers
  • The system will wait for your response to each set and show any errors
  • To demonstrate system flexibility, the demo will automatically cycle through reading levels 1, 2, 3, and 4, finishing back at 1evel 1 - each time presenting the same two reads
  • At the end, your session results will be presented
This is only a small sample of what our service provides, but we believe it is enough to demonstrate our environment and approach. Though this demo is configured with a script of 2 preset reads and is not customizable, our fully enabled version of Meter-ProSM provides fully randomized meter reads and offers many customization options.

Note: This demo, as well as our fully enabled Meter-ProSM Online service, requires that Macromedia's ShockwaveTM player be installed on your computer. You may already have it as Shockwave is a widely used tool for viewing dynamic Internet content. To see if your system is compatible with this player, check out Browser and System Requirements on Macromedia's site. The Shockwave player only needs to be downloaded and installed one time. After that, any future attempts to run any Shockwave content including this demo or our fully enabled products will start without delay. For your convenience, we have provided two easy ways to get started:

Automated Option: (recommended)

Use this option if you would like our demo to look for the current version of Shockwave on your machine. If it is found, our demo will start immediately. If the player is not found, you will be prompted to download and install it from Macromedia's site. If at that time you do not wish to continue, simply click 'No'. The download will not start and you will remain on this page. Note: Downloading the Shockwave player should take 5 to 10 minutes over a 56.6Kbps modem connection. Macromedia asks that you register the free player. The install process will initiate (in a new window) upon completion of the download. Once completely installed, you should see a 'Congratulations' movie indicating the player has been successfully installed. At that point, simply close the 'Congrats' window and our Meter-ProSM demo will start.

Manual Option:

Some people prefer to initiate web downloads manually. For this purpose we have provided a 'Get Shockwave' button to initiate the process. Simply click the button and follow the instructions provided by Macromedia. Downloading the Shockwave player should take 5 to 10 minutes over a 56.6Kbps modem connection. When the player is completely installed, you should see a 'Congratulations' movie indicating the install was successful. At that point, simply close the 'Congrats' window to return to this screen. Then click the Start Demo button and our Meter-ProSM demo will start.

Get Shockwave

If you would like further information about the Shockwave Player, please refer to the following information on Macromedia's site:

What is Shockwave

Browser and System Requirements
Special Notes for Windows XP users
Manual Installation Instructions

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